Portland State University Graphic Design's Be Honest is coming back to Wieden+Kennedy: Friday, May 5th from 5–9pm!PSUGD
An unseen person in a suit draws stars and other shapes on a yellow legal pad.

Be Honest is a design community event to spotlight students and create connections with real world designers. It’s organized by the students of PSUGD, the Portland State University Graphic Design Program.

It’s not just for seniors, but for all levels of graphic design students who want to participate and share their work with the community. It’s like, part-portfolio show, part-party!

Wanna check out what we’ve been working on? RSVP now—Be Honest is free and open to the public!


Wanna lend a hand? Volunteer with Be Honest!

A person in a suit holds a legal pad reading "Be Honest" and the date and location of the event.

Where is BE HONEST?

After a pandemic hiatus, we are back on Be Honest’s long-time home turf at Wieden+Kennedy in Portland’s Pearl District!

224 NW 13th Ave.

Portland, OR 97209

Abigail Raymundo
Adrian Greco
Alice Lavrinenko
Aline Chercover
Alisa Kanlaya
Allison Austad
Anand Kailasam
Anastasiia Leshchenko
Andy Aldrich
Angela Nguyễn
anna stanton
April Mirvis
Arianna Thomas
Arya Radhika
Ash Batchelder
ash kukuzke
Ashley Heeke
Aya Boutwell
Bailey Dorsey
Brendan Hanna
Brenna Bremen
Briana Cieri
Brice Spreadbury
Brooke Metropulos
Casey Litchfield
Chance Girard
Chihiro Kashiwagi
Dana Ives
Dennis Reynolds
Dustin Jones
Dusty Winters
Dylan Hayes
Dylan Stayner
Eden Gilliam
Edwin Lew-Højbak Paquette
Em Craig
Emmett Crass
Emogene Bidegain
Erin Hurh
Evan Holdaway
Forestt Tovar
Freya Kargard
German Amaya
Grace LNU
Hannah Gill
Hannah Joseph
Hlie Moua
Ibuki Iwamoto
Isabella Medina
Izzy Watkins
James Webb
Jaq Boden
Jess Steele
Jessica Cho
Jordan Divers
Justin Cory
Kaitlyn Casey
Karina Benjamin
Kate Coningford
Kelsey Zuberbuehler
Kendall Wright
Lea Thompson
leigh annand
Leslye Gonzalez Juarez
Lindsey Walker
Lucy Erickson
Madison Inman
Mae Cossu
Malcolm Church
Marcos Cisneros
Margaux Rosendale
Martin Prose
Mendi Brockman
Mette Voldengen
Monday Heyl
Nafisa Hutchins
Natalie Pastores
Neo Clark
Noah Brown
Ocean Fernandez
Olivia DeYoung
Omar Arras
Owen Swifter
Parker Patnode
Pema Thangzur
quinn !
Quinn Richards
Quinn Smesrud
Reed Le
Rich Giofu
Robert Ditty
Ryan Leung
Ryan Ritchey
Ryan Sciorilli
Saphya Lones
Sara Ray
Sarah Bounds
Sarah Valuet
Serghey Chuklanov
Simone Gee
Sophia Mick
Sophia Stoker
Sophie Wintersgill
Stacey Horton
Tabor Cote
Tatum Miller
Taylor Nobriga
Teddie Sheldon
Tiana Low
Todd D
Tye Raymond
Wes Gibson
Whitney McPhie
Zahira Zuvuya
zee leonard
Zoe Abadi
Michael Stapleton
Vanessa Vu
Alex Shelley
Kevin Preciado-Huynh
Hanna Oberlander
Mikaili Jones
Ann Nguyen
Gabi Fylan
Grace Dae
Lyndsey Januszewski
Alex Felt
Mallory Joki
Sam Baltierra

Be Honest 2023 is organized by

Quinn Carroll
Tabor Cote
Em Craig
Rich Giofu
Whitney McPhie
Sophia Mick
Brice Spreadbury
Sarah Valuet
Kelsey Zuberbuehler

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An unseen person rests their crossed legs on a yellow desk, revealing their dirty white sneakers. Beside them sits a mug labeled "BE HONEST" and a blue whiteboard marker.